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Queer Straight Alliance

Love knows no gender, race or color

WCC's Queer Straight Alliance
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A club called Queer Straight Alliance, which is a part of Whatcom Community College.
QSA Mission Statement:

The purpose of the QSA is to promote queer related issues in and around WCC through education and entertainment, while providing a safe atmosphere for those within the community. We support WCC’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Description of the Club:

QSA is a coalition of queer, questioning, and allied students that provides an avenue for queer activism to everyone at Whatcom Community College. We work to realize queer rights on campus and throughout Whatcom County, through workshops and events that deconstruct queer rights and demonstrate how to support them. We also host social gatherings welcoming to all students to foster queer-friendly environments for interaction and activism. Such social events include Rainbow Prom and the annual WCC Drag/Variety Show. We are particularly concerned about making those new to WCC aware of the queer community on campus. Students and staff are encouraged to have discussions with those who are not familiar with queer activism or rights.